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How To Draw A 3D Bed? (Perfect answer)

How to create a 3D home quickly and easily?

  • The cube will serve as the foundation for your three-dimensional structure.. To begin sketching a cube, begin by drawing a narrow, horizontal rhombus across the page. Then, starting from the three lowest points on the rhombus, draw a vertical line continuing downward. Final step is to join the end of the vertical line in the middle with the ends of the two vertical lines immediately adjacent to it.

How do you draw a volleyball?


  1. Start with a perfect circle for the outline sketch.
  2. Draw a crossing line sketch to represent the shape of a sphere.
  3. Draw four curved lines.
  4. Draw another line curved downwards.
  5. Add three additional downward curved lines.
  6. Add a couple additional curved lines toward the right side.

How do you draw a simple bed step by step?

Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a bed

  1. Create a rectangle with the angle shown. Add two tall pillars with circles on the tops to complete the look. Then, draw the two short legs on the other end of the table. Incorporate lines for the headboard and mattress. Make a blanket form around the mattress with your hands. Remove the gray lines and replace them with a cushion. Delete the gray lines and draw three quilt seam lines on the quilt.
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