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Best Space Savers

Designers Murphy Bed In Spacious Bed RoomAs Homes Shrink, We Get Creative

Don’t despair if you move into a studio, and can’t imagine being without your stuff. These days, there are so many ways to carry on with the lived we know and love without having to interrupt them by getting rid of things that we use every day. Making the best of your small apartment space means looking for things that you may not have thought you would need. For example, only a few people realize that there are panels that you can install to separate one area of your new home from another. Another way of getting the same effect is simply walling off your bed, giving the illusion of a bedroom. There are so many little things that you can do to more effectively use the space in your home, and more ways are invented every single year.

Over-the-Door Shoe Holders

Both practical and space-savvy, over-the-door shoe holders are there for those of us who don’t have much closet space, but need to have plenty of shoes. Not only will this keep your shoe collection safe from the dust that settles on the floor, it’s a practical solution for those who are not short on space, too. Some people go the extra mile, and arrange their shoes by color, and by occasion. Having a single, central location for all of your shoes makes something like this easy, and you may discover that you need few pairs of shoes as time goes on.

Hanging Shelves

Similar to over the door shoe holders, hanging shelves reduce your need for space-taking dressers. Setting several of them up in your closet keeps your folded items and items that don’t wrinkle out of the way, and leaves room for the things that do need to be hung. Making plenty of room for important things is the way to make your life a little easier, and helps you keep your place neat in the long run.You can get hanging shelves at the same stores that you can find over-the-door shoe holders.

In-Wall Libraries

If you happen to find an apartment that has this ready to go for you, you’re lucky! In-wall libraries are not only attractive, but they’re great space savers, particularly if you’re living in a small space. Fill your shelves with books, as much as you instinctively would, but don’t stop there! Get your favorite framed pictures, glass and porcelain figurines, succulent plants, terrariums, and fish bowls to fill a space and make your home cozier and more personal.

Murphy Beds

As you’re counting the many ways that you can minimize the use of space in your home, don’t forget about the original space saver, the Murphy Bed. Murphy beds fold into walls or cabinets made by the same maker of the bed. In folding away, your bed instantly disappears, allowing you to use that space for anything that you please. Have a dinner party, and dance-off, or a poker tournament in your bedroom with a Murphy bed, and no one will know you’ve stowed away your bed.

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