Best Places in the Home for Your Wall Bed

Wall beds are a convenient solution for any home. They give you the ability to convert any room into a bedroom. Once you have decided the model of wall bed that you want, the next choice you will need to make is where to place the bed in your home. You want to place it in a spot...

4 Ways to Make Your Murphy Table Even Classier

With freestanding tables, it is so easy to simply put a tablecloth over your table and call it a day when it comes to decorating. However, when you are living in an urban environment or studio apartment, you may opt to get a Murphy Table instead of a freestanding table to save...

5 Ways To Embrace Urban Living

Moving to a large city can be frightening. Even though you are surrounded by people, it can feel as though you are getting lost in a crowd. As the trend of young millennials moving to large cities becomes more evident, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in an area where you...

Murphy Bunk Beds for a Shared Room

Fitting multiple children into the same room can be a challenge. Shared space can be difficult for children can manage. With multiple beds in one room, kids may not feel that they have enough space to play or relax. Permanent beds take up space, and they don’t give kids the...

Open Up Space in Your Studio Apartment With a Murphy Sofa

Urban living has become almost a rite of passage for millennials. There is this incredible draw to large cities where they are close to restaurants, entertainment, and other amenities. However, city dwellers need to be living in smaller living spaces. Urban living requires people...

4 Tips to Help You Redecorate Your Teenager’s Room

Most teenagers want the chance to redecorate their own room. They want the ability to change their room, that is probably suited for a child, to a room that works for them. They want a room that they can call their own. This is a time that they are finding their personality and...

How to Make a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

It can be strange for some people to sleep in a place that they are not used to. We always want to welcome house guests and make them feel comfortable in our home. Going the extra mile to make your guests feel truly welcomed will mean so much for your guests and help them really...

Maximize Space in Your Child’s Room

Children need more space than you realize. Their rooms need to play double duty as a playroom and a bedroom. With toys, clothes, beds, and furniture, there is often not enough space to store everything and still have enough room for your kids to enjoy their space. We have a few...

Maximize Space with Murphy Bunk Beds and These Space-Saving Tips

Many people struggle with the problem of limited space. Are you looking for ways to save space in your kids’ bedroom? Bedrooms are notorious for being short on space. Contemporary bedroom furniture and space-saving interior design have made it easy to maximize available space....