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Colorado’s Finest Distributer of Murphy Beds

Since the year 2000, people all over Colorado and the rest of North America have been purchasing high-quality and highly-versatile murphy beds from the Italian Murphy Bed company. Learn a little bit about why Colorado-based Italian Murphy Beds is the real deal in murphy bed retail.

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“Please feel free to come visit us in Denver, Colorado. If that is not practical, videos of nearly all models are featured on their respective pages. We are also more than willing to send color samples to you upon request. Sample blocks of the two mattress options are also available, and of course we invite your phone call or email with any questions.”

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Colorado’s very own supplier of Italian Murphy Beds and more!

For years, Italian Murphy Bed’s owner, Ron McKey, has been selling murphy beds to resorts in Colorado. Today, Ron’s entire line of murphy beds and murphy furniture are imported from northern Italy where they are manufactured by the Colombo family of master furniture craftsman. We offer a full line of classic murphy beds, desk beds, folding beds, murphy sofas and more.

About Colorado

Known for its stunning snow-capped mountains and plateaus, Colorado is a state in the Western United States. The state has a population of a little under 5.5 million and it’s capital and largest city is Denver. Italian Murphy Beds is based in Denver, Colorado. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are a popular destination of hikers, skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.