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Creating Space with Murphy Beds

A Murphy Bed for Every Room

Create More Livable Space with a Murphy Bed

As prices rise, homes are getting smaller. However, that doesn’t mean we want less space or crowded rooms. Murphy beds allow you to create multi-purpose rooms that function with optimal space savings.

Always have guests but don’t have a guest room? Use a Murphy bed to convert your office into a guest space when needed. Have two kids that share a room but two twins bed take up the entire space? Use a Murphy bunk bed to open up the space. No matter the room and no matter the reason, if you’re trying to maximize space in a small room, a murphy bed could be the solution.

Basic Murphy Bed

These are what come to mind when you think of the original “bed-in-the-wall.” Our basic Murphy beds are easy to install and even easier to use. Whenever you want to rest or find a good night’s sleep, just pull down this comfortable bed from the wall to convert your living space into your bedroom. Perfect for urban living, where quarters are tight and space is a luxury, these Italian made beds come in multiple shapes and sizes to fit any lifestyle.

Sofa Murphy Bed

If you often entertain but don’t have an extra room where guests can stay, consider using a sofa Murphy bed. These handy couch-bed combos help create a multi-purpose space right in your living room. They can either be attached to a wall and pull down from the wall or freestanding and pull out from the couch itself. Either way, these Murphy sofas can accommodate any smaller living space. Ranging in size and type from bunk beds to Queen beds, you’re sure to find a comfortable place to sleep at night.

Desk Murphy Bed

Living in a small space, you may not have room for both a desk and a bed. Thankfully, with Murphy desk beds this isn’t a problem. This multi-purpose piece of furniture can easily convert an office into a guest bedroom or a small bedroom into a functional work space. The desktops safely swing, so you don’t have to move a thing when you want to pull down your bed. You can even add additional features like bookshelves to optimize storage and organization.

Bunk Murphy Beds

Perfect for kids rooms and sleepovers, bunk Murphy beds can provide mattresses for up to three different people. These beds can pull out of a couch or off of a wall to help optimize space in small rooms. These architectural feats aren’t exclusively made for kids either. Bunk Murphy beds are sturdy and will support most adults. They are perfect for urban spaces and dorms.

Revolving Bookcase Murphy Beds

The revolving Murphy bed is truly a work of art. No one will know there’s a bed hiding behind this bookcase and shelves. You can even upgrade to add a work table to create the ultiamte space-saver.

Murphy Beds and More from Italian Murphy Beds

Based in Denver, Colorado, we’ve been importing the highest-quality Italian murphy furniture for almost forty years. Italian Murphy Bed’s owner, Ron McKey, is a Murphy bed expert and has partnered with the Colombo family of furniture craftsmen in northern Italy to supply the most compact murphy beds available.


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