Italian Murphy Beds

See why Italian Murphy Beds is the #1 supplier of murphy furniture in Los Angeles!

Since 2000, the Italian Murphy Beds company has been providing Los Angeles and other cities across North America with high-end italian murphy beds and murphy furniture. Italian Murphy Beds’ entire line of furniture is imported from northern Italy where the Colombo family of craftsmen has been making quality furniture for over 100 years.

A message to the people of Los Angeles from the owners of Italian Murphy Beds

“Please feel welcome to stop by and visit us here at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado. If that isn’t possible for you, videos of nearly all product models are shown on their respective pages on our site. We are also very happy to provide color samples to you upon request. Sample pieces of the two mattress options are also available for your inspection, and of course we welcome your phone call or email with any inquiries.”

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Why Choose Italian Murphy Beds?

Our company offers customers looking for top-quality murphy beds a broad selection of murphy beds of various styles and models in addition to other types of murphy furniture. From classic murphy beds to murphy sofas to murphy tables, Italian Murphy Beds is your go-to source of murphy furniture!