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How Much Did Mattress Mack Win? (Solved)

Mack was most recently in the news for his $3.4 million winning Super Bowl wager, which resulted in full refunds to any clients who made a purchase of more than $3,000 at his business if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were to cash his winning ticket.

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl 55 by a score of 31-9 against the Kansas City Chiefs, and James Franklin McIngvale, a Houston-based businessman better known as “Mattress Mack,” earned $2.75 million off a $3.46 million wager on the Buccaneers at DraftKings Sportsbook.

How much did Mattress Mack make on BET?

If the Astros win the World Series in 2021, Mattress Mack would pocket more than $35 million, including a record $22 million wager on one game.

How much would Mattress Mack have won?

According to a report by Forbes, Gallery Furniture owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale would get an unprecedented $35.6 million payoff if the Houston Astros win the World Series.

How much did Mattress Mack bet on the Astros?

McIngvale informed CNN that he placed a $3.35 million wager on the Astros winning the World Series back in June. He said that he placed the bets to cover another kind of risk — consumers who purchased particular mattresses that cost $3,000 or more will receive a refund if the Astros win.

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Did Mattress Mack lose his bet?

For those who are preparing to label Mattress Mack a loser, the fact is that he has won a lot of games with the Braves. People bought mattresses worth a total of $25 million as a result of a $3.25 million insurance bet that was lost.

How did Mattress Mack make his money?

Taking up the role of Mattress Mack Jim founded Gallery Furniture in 1981 out of the back of his pickup truck with $5,000 of his life savings. The director became upset during the production of one of those commercials, and he proceeded to take money out of his pockets while proclaiming, “Gallery Furniture saves you money!”

How much did Mattress Mack lose on World Series 2021?

Because the Astros lost the World Series, Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale missed out on a $35.6 million reward, according to

What does Mattress Mack do for a living?

The ‘Rally Nuns’ were unable to save ‘Mattress Mack’ from a $4 million defeat to the Astros. Jim McIngvale, the owner of a Houston furniture shop, purchased hundreds of tickets for nuns to attend Astros games during the World Series and the American League Championship Series.

How does Mattress Mack hedge his bets?

To counteract possible losses of around $25 million and counting resulting from a campaign that promises his Gallery Furniture clients a refund on any purchase of $3,000 or more if Houston wins the World Series, Mack has placed betting on the Astros themselves.

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