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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Mattress? (Solution found)

What Is the Average Cost of Shipping a Mattress? The cost of transporting a mattress is not written in stone; nonetheless, you should anticipate to pay at least $300 for the service. Price increases by two to three times when the relocation is heavy or takes longer to complete.

  • The cost of transporting a mattress is not written in stone
  • nonetheless, you should anticipate to pay at least $300 for the service. For larger or longer movements, the price may be two to three times as much as the quoted amount.

Can UPS ship a mattress?

Mattress shipment is available through UPS. You are responsible for carefully wrapping and putting the mattress into a box of the appropriate size. After that, you may schedule a pickup with your local UPS office. You may expect them to pick up the mattress from your doorstep and deliver it to its final location.

Can I ship a mattress through FedEx?

A mattress may be shipped through UPS or FedEx, which is a good option. Many of the shipping firms available on the market are capable of sending virtually any household item, regardless of how large or little, how heavy or how light the item is.

What is the cheapest way to ship a bed?

If it is possible, the most cost-effective choice would be to employ LTL carriers. If you decide to pack everything yourself, you must make certain that the packaging is of high quality in order to avoid damage your mattress, bed, and bed frame during the move. You might also hire the services of a blanket wrap carrier, which is a rather reasonable alternative.

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Can you send a mattress in the mail?

However, while it is feasible to send a mattress, the cost is not insignificant. No matter if you use a shipping service or hire a moving truck, the price of transporting your bed may rapidly mount up over time.

Is it worth it to ship a mattress?

Is It Worth It to Ship a Mattress? Is Shipping a Mattress Worth It? There are several instances where shipping a mattress isn’t worth the effort. If the cheapest shipping fee you can expect is approximately $300, it wouldn’t make sense to ship a mattress that is worth less than that much or even less than that.

How do I ship a mattress for shipping?

Instructions for packing

  1. Disassemble your bed frame and place your mattress against a wall. Slide the mattress inside a mattress bag or wrap it tightly in heavy-duty plastic to protect it from damage. Packing tape should be used to secure the mattress bag or plastic. Insert the packaged mattress inside the mattress box.

Can I ship a bed through USPS?

Furniture is typically too large to ship through the United States Postal Service. If your things are small enough to fit inside the maximum package sizes that the United States Postal Service allows you to ship them, there is no reason why you cannot ship them through the USPS. After everything is said and done, 99 percent of furniture is just too large to be transported by the United States Postal Service.

Does FedEx ship furniture?

FedEx and UPS will accept items weighing up to 150 pounds, depending on the carrier. FedEx and UPS are both capable of delivering furniture the next day. The shipping of smaller pieces of furniture, such as lamps and small tables, can be accomplished by conventional carrier services. Some furniture items may be transported unassembled and flat packaged, which saves time and money.

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How long does it take to ship a mattress?

If you order today, you should have your bed within 14 business days, if everything goes according to plan. On average, FedEx Ground delivery time to anyplace in the continental United States is 5 to 7 business days; however, if you want extra information regarding particular transit time to your region, please contact [email protected] before placing your order.

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