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How To Pair Mattress Firm Remote? (Question)

What should I do if the remote control for my bed is not working?

  • Locate the power cord and check to see that it is properly fastened to the receiving end of the bed as well as the wall socket (if applicable). It may be essential to connect another device to the wall socket to check that it is receiving electricity. The wire on the remote should be checked for frays or breakage if the bed is still not responding.

How do I sync my adjustable bed remote?

When you want to sync your remote with the base, hold the red button on the control box in for 5 seconds while also pressing a button on the remote to turn it on at the same time. Using this method will enable the remote to pair with the base unit.

Why is my bed remote not working?

Remove the batteries from the remote control and unplug the base from the electrical power supply. In order to re-establish contact, re-install the batteries and hit any button on the remote control.

Why is my mattress firm remote blinking?

Press and hold the FOOT UP and FOOT DOWN buttons together for about 6 seconds to disable the kid safety lock function on your vehicle. The remote’s backlight will flash twice in rapid succession. When the illumination is turned off, the remote is no longer in Child Lock mode, and the remote will continue to control the base as normal.

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Why is my adjustable bed not working?

If your bed suddenly ceases to function, it is most likely because the remote has lost its connection with the control panel. Instructions for remote synchronization differ depending on the kind of bed you have. For specific instructions, refer to your owner’s handbook. In this phase, the blue reset button that you discovered in the previous step will come in helpful.

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