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Murphy Beds Are Making a Comeback

Murphy beds making a comeback due to comfortability as girl sits on itThe Murphy Bed is Making a Comeback in a Huge Way

For a long time, most people considered murphy beds just to be a cool fixture that you’d see in the movies. For these movies in the 80’s, there was really nothing cooler than a murphy bed. It was a sign of class. It was a sign of coolness and laid backness. Today, murphy beds are making a comeback because of the nostalgia that people feel for them in those movies. They’ve appeared in such titles as “James Bond: You Only Live Twice”, Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie”, and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Here are three reasons that you need to join the trend and get a murphy bed for your home.

1. You’re Going to Save So Much Space

One of the main reasons that people are getting murphy beds is because they just don’t have the kind of space that they’d like to. Because of this, they use murphy beds so they can use their space how they want, whenever they want. This is an incredible thing, because it really opens your eyes to the creative possibilities. You can use your space during the day as workout space, or as a space to create art, or any number of other things. The possibilities are endless. If you want to make sure that you can utilize your space to the best of your ability, you need to get a murphy bed in order to make it happen.

2. It Just Looks Cool

With all of those movie appearances, there appears to be one thing that everyone has agreed on: a murphy bed looks really cool. Even better, if you have kids, you can use their space as a playspace during the day, and use murphy bunk beds at night for them to sleep. This really opens up the space for your kids to be creative, imagine, and play all at the same time. You want a bed that both looks cool and saves space? Get a murphy bed. It’s one of the very best things that you can do, whether you’re a child or an adult.

3. Quite Comfortable

One of the main things that make people apprehensive about getting a murphy bed is whether or not it’s going to be comfortable. They’re so convenient, so there must be a catch, right? Wrong. Murphy beds are actually quite comfortable, especially the kind that you find at Italian Murphy Beds. We do our best to make sure that every bed that we make is better than the last, so every night that you spend on it is comfortable.

Get a Murphy Bed for Your Home

Murphy beds are having a revival all across the country. Why should you get one for your home? Well, they’re actually quite comfortable, they look really cool (they were even in the movies), and you’re going to save a ton of space that you can do anything with. Murphy beds are an amazing way to save space, be comfortable, and get a good night’s rest every single night.

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