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Boss Murphy Bunk Bed


  • The unique Boss Bunk Bed system is an impressive 2 bed option for any room. The steel frame is the protective structure for the decorative bed-face panel (the back part of the bed that you see when it is stored). The strength of this frame is essential for ease of bed operation and system long-life. The ladder (with extendable protection bar) is designed to act as an upper bunk safety rail and support structure. (Note the ladder and safety rail are included at no extra charge!)

    An embossed aluminum finish is applied as an attractive accent.

    COLORS:You have a choice of six beautiful melamine panel colors-you get two choices at no charge.. The frame structure is steel colored embossed aluminum.
    –Again, two different finishes are provided at no additional charge!

  • This twin bed will store in less than an 11″ depth! When beds are lowered they extend into the room only 39.37 inches (barely over 3 feet). It is the world's most compact bunk bed system. Please see the images to the left and exact dimensions at lower left. European sized mattresses with fitted sheets are available. Please see the Ordering Options to the right.

    Comparison of European and American mattress sizes

  • Each order is made to your instructions. Please plan on 8-10 weeks delivery time. Email us with requests regarding available stock. Our delivery service quote, in most cases, will be for in-home placement. We do offer full White Glove delivery and unpacking with dunnage removal in most metropolitan markets. Please email or call for an exact quote for your address.
    • Fitted twin sheet: $39.00
    • Ladder and safety rail: Included
    • Twin Mattress (2): $520.00
    • Choice of Two Finishes: Included
    • Upgrade both to memory foam: $380.00
    • Add each whiteboard front panel: $175.00

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  1. Susan W. Reply

    I love my new Boss bunk bed! I slept in the bottom bunk and it was quite comfy.

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