Italian Murphy Beds

See why Italian Murphy Beds is the #1 murphy bed company in San Francisco!

San Francisco is known for its cool, foggy climate, landmark bridges, and delicious bread, but did you know that the murphy bed was also invented in San Francisco? The murphy bed was named for William Lawrence Murphy, who built the first folding bed in his one-room San Francisco apartment. Since 2000, Italian Murphy Beds has kept San Francisco’s murphy bed tradition alive by offering customers in the City by the Bay high-quality murphy furniture made in northern Italy.

A message to the people of San Francisco from the owners of Italian Murphy Beds

“ We welcome all of our customers to come visit our showroom in Denver. For those who are unable to make the trip to Colorado, videos are available on our website to showcase most of our products. We are also more than happy to send you samples of the mattress materials for your inspection. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with a phone call or email with any further questions. Thank you”

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Why Choose Italian Murphy Beds?

With over 35 years of experience working in the business of selling and installing murphy beds, Italian Murphy Beds’ owner, Ron McKey, knows quality when he sees it. That’s why his company only sells high-quality murphy furniture from Italy. Italian Murphy Beds offers a broad selection of murphy beds as well as murphy sofas, and murphy tables to choose from. We guarantee the quality of all Italian Murphy Beds products.