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The Fun & Versatile Murphy Bed

Why have a regular bed when you can have a murphy bed?

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Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or pull-down beds, are versatile pieces of furniture that people to make the most of any living space. While murphy beds are popularly used as gag props in movies and cartoons, like Charlie Chaplin films, murphy beds are actually very practical––and functional––pieces of furniture. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of murphy beds so you can see if a murphy bed might just make for a nice addition to your home.

Here we go:

Murphy Beds vs. Conventional Beds: A Comparison

Conventional Bed Setups

Most of us have grown accustomed to sleeping on a conventional bed setup––a mattress on top of a box spring supported by a bedframe. Although some bed frames have wheels below them, allowing them to be moved a little but easier, traditional beds are meant to be permanent fixtures in a bedroom or sleeping space. They are not meant to be moved and they take up a considerable amount of space––especially in tight living quarters. In fact, a king or queen-sized bed might take up more than half of the total floor space of a bedroom. That doesn’t leave much space for anything else like chairs, bookshelves, nightstands, lamps, or desks.

Murphy Beds & Murphy Furniture

Murphy beds, on the other hand, allow for much more flexibility. Because murphy beds fold against a wall when not in use, the floor space can be utilized for other purposes when it’s not bedtime. Furthermore, many models of murphy beds have drawers and can be converted into desks, shelves, sofas, and storage spaces when in the stored position, adding to their versatility. Here are some of the different types of murphy furniture that can add versatility and save space in any home.

  • Murphy Beds: The classic murphy bed folds vertically against a wall and in some cases can double as closet space or storage when in the stored. Variations of the classic murphy bed include horizontally-mounted murphy beds, freestanding murphy beds, murphy bunk beds, and revolving bookcase beds.

  • Murphy Sofas: As the name implies, murphy sofas (or sofa beds) are sofas that can be converted into beds…or beds that can be converted into sofas.

  • Desk Beds: Guess what these beds can be converted into? You guessed it, desks.

  • Murphy Tables: While not recommended for sleeping, murphy tables fold against the wall when not being used, allowing for space-saving functionality.

Open up a roomful of possibilities with murphy beds and murphy furniture

With murphy beds, bedrooms can be more than just sleeping spaces. Bedrooms can be transformed into living rooms, parlors, studies, and more. Similarly, murphy beds can be installed into any room to accommodate guests and can be used as shelves, sofas, or other furnishings when not in use.

As you can see, murphy beds allow people the flexibility to make much more of their living spaces than conventional beds, which all but require rooms to be designated sleeping quarters. Murphy beds’ versatility and space-saving benefits are one reason why they have been growing in popularity among families and hotel establishments that want to be able to comfortably fit more people and furniture in less space.


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