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Transform your living space with a wall bed

Learn how a wall bed can transform any living space in your home

White Wall Bed with Plenty of Fluffy Pillows and Simple Nightstands

Walls. When most people think of walls, they think of solid, impenetrable boundaries between different rooms, homes, offices, or even countries. In home design and construction, walls obviously serve very important functions––they separate rooms, form barriers between our homes and the outdoors, and between our homes and those of neighbors. In terms of utilizing walls in our homes, walls typically serve as places to mount paintings, pictures, trophies, artwork, and that’s about it. What if your wall could do more? What if your wall could store your bed? Well, it can. Kind-of. Wall-mounted beds are highly-versatile pieces of furniture that can save space and transform any room in your home. In this Italian Murphy Beds blog posting, we’ll learn a little bit more about wall beds as well as how they can add increased functionality and versatility to just about any room in your house, townhouse, apartment, condominium, or other living space.

What (exactly) is a wall bed?

This is a common question for people to ask because wall beds are not something that many people see everyday. Wall beds, more commonly referred to as murphy beds, are wall-mounted pieces of furniture with a bed that can be pulled down flat on the floor when it’s time to sleep and stored upright against a wall when not in usage.

Why a wall bed?

One of the great things about wall beds is that they double as desks, shelves, bookcases, and other pieces of furniture. By installing a wall bed in your home, you can have a sleeping space that can be stored neatly against a wall, leaving room for other activities. Whether you want an extra bed to house guests, or would like to make the most out of the space in your own bedroom, wall beds are a great option.

Convert any room into a bedroom with a wall bed

Want to be able to work and sleep in the same room? Not a problem! With a murphy desk bed, you can have a bed that folds against the wall which can be used as a work desk when you’re not sleeping. Want to have a bed in your living room or study? Also not a problem, there are wall-mounted murphy beds that double as bookcases when stored upright.

Take back your bedroom with a wall bed

Who says that your bedroom space has to be dedicated to your bed? With a murphy bed, your bed can be stored against the wall to make room for other activities. Your bedroom can also be a parlor, a study, an office, or a living room with the versatile and space-saving murphy bed.

Wall beds and more from Italian Murphy Beds

Based in Denver, Colorado, the Italian Murphy Beds company has been importing the highest-quality Italian murphy furniture. Italian Murphy Bed’s owner, Ron McKey, has been working in the murphy bed industry for more than 3 decades and has partnered with the Colombo family of furniture craftsmen in northern Italy to supply the most compact murphy beds available.


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