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Wall Beds, and Other City Essentials

A Wall Bed is an Important Way of Saving SpaceTwo Kids Playing On A Wall Bed

Think of the most congested cities that you can. New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, and Tokyo all probably come to mind. What these cities have in common is thousands of people per square mile, and not much in the way of living space. When your living space is severely limited, you’ve got to take every inch seriously. Tales of people who live and function in tiny homes suddenly hit home, and you’ve got to make sure that you actually need all of those huge soup kettles and that set of china that your grandmother left for you. Making due with less possessions makes some people realize exactly how little they really need, and helps them to live a more productive life. In the advent of micro apartments becoming normal, and studio apartments being seen as a luxury, there are things that you can get for yourself that will help you to better adapt.

Wall Bed

A bed that folds away is far from a revolution, but makes perfect sense if you have limited living space. Being able to choose to save the space taken up by a bed means more room for stretching, an easier time moving in and moving out, and more entertaining space. Some of us, though, have an undetachable sentiment for things that we bring with us, and if that’s the case, some wall beds are equipped with bookshelves that disappear when the bed is needed. These are obviously best for book lovers, but they can be used for vases and other decor, including figurines.

Murphy Table

Like a bed, a table is a necessary piece of furniture that would ideally come and go as needed. A murphy table can be installed in the wall of a small apartment, and function as a dinner table, a crafts corner, a desk, or a prop for a pile of pictures that you’re hanging above your couch. Murphy tables come in a variety of finishes, widths, and heights, making them as versatile as they are essential to small spaces. You don’t need to worry about having enough space for several friends, as most models allow several large adults to sit and eat comfortably at the table.

Small Stoves

The tiny home and micro apartment revolution has had its fair share of fringe benefits. The availability of small stoves and stove top ranges is one such benefit. Smaller ovens are designed to fit perfectly into tiny spaces, while still offering the benefits of a traditional oven. You may need to look into smaller pans and baking sheets at your local thrift store, but there is nothing more fun than rescuing and repurposing something that would otherwise have been thrown away. Like regular stoves, though, it is worth noting that you should not use a small stove to heat your small home: it poses the same risk of fires and severe burns.

Room Separators

Giving your small space the feel of a larger home can be done, in part, with a room separator. Don’t be afraid to get creative – you might find an accordion panel like they used in the 18th century, but a gorgeous bookshelf, or a couple of pieces of sheer material can make a difference in the way that you see your place.

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